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After almost 25 years of the most fun job we have ever had, Sue and I have decided to retire and take it easy. After all these years of rumors it is finally true. Gracie’s Restaurant will be closing Saturday April 23. We hope anyone who has a gift certificate will use them in our last few weeks. Gracie’s schedule will be Wednesday thru Saturday starting March 30. This is a bitter sweet decision but we look forward to relaxing nights with a bottle of wine.

Sue and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal friends and patrons who have made Gracies possible. We will always remember you all and the many great nights, weddings, parties and events that Sue and I cherish.

Lastly and most importantly we want to thank the best staff we have ever worked with. Without you Gracies would not have been as successful or as much fun. Mark, Jose, Snake, Will, Chip, Jay, Jojo, Lucy, Nancy, Jan, Rosemary, Al, Tim, Kurt, Bonnie, Tony, Sarah, Mr. Wilson, Desiree, Little D, Karen, Chelsea, Suzanne, Natalie, Dillian, Holly, Regina, Kelly and too many more to mention. You have made this journey exciting, adventurous, tiring and exhilarating.


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